Delta Enterprise USA

Delta Enterprise USA

Growing Lasting Connections All Over The World

Delta Enterprise USA Inc. Provides Global Distribution of Phones and Accessories.

Go with SMART. Go with CONFIDENCE. Go with DELTA

Go with SMART. Go with CONFIDENCE. Go with DELTA.

With a strong production team, Delta has the ability to satisfy all your mobile hardware needs whenever and wherever.

About Us

Delta Enterprise USA is a leader in distribution of phones and accessories globally. We take pride in being a reliable partner of numerous manufacturers and service providers in the wireless communications industry, and in helping them by delivering competitively priced products and best in class services.

We have a rich history and a broad reach. We have perfected the art of nurturing superlative teams and robust networks over generations.

Reverse Logistics

Delta Enterprise USA provides top of the line reverse logistics solutions for the wireless industry. Our reverse logistics process helps companies worldwide to simplify and track their mobile device redeployments.

We provide Repair and Refurbishment services for all major Wireless Network Interfaces including

  • LTE
  • 1X EV-DO
  • CDMA2000
  • UMTS
  • 1X EV-DO REV A & B
  • W-CDMA

Product Solutions

Delta Enterprise delivers holistic solutions to leading mobile carriers and wireless device manufacturers of the world. We handle the complete spectrum of logistical management for wireless devices.

Inventory Management

Our Inventory Management services prove crucial to the successful operation of service provides as it enables…

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Logistics and Fulfillment

Delta Enterprise is known for providing unmatched product quality, services and integrated distribution solutions…

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Product Solutions / Core Categories

We have worked with all Tier 1 and Tier 2 carriers in North America and strategic carrier associates around the globe…

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Product Solutions / Partnership Scenarios

Delta Enterprise has the potential to improve your ability to bring new technologies and solutions to your customers…

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Single Point of Contact

Delta Enterprise acts as the single point of contact between manufacturers, carriers, suppliers and service providers…

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Marketing Services

Delta Enterprise has one of the finest teams of veteran marketers who, through innovative strategies, are committed…

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Ever since its conception in 2005, Delta Enterprise has rapidly expanded its distribution network. The company currently operates numerous distribution and retail centers at four major commercial hubs in the United States – Miami, New York, Delaware and Los Angeles.


Delta Enterprise is dedicated to perfecting its marketing programs and ensuring smooth and reliable supply chains.


Delta Enterprise USA is a distributor of GSM and CDMA devices. We provide devices from all major brands including...


We carry all types of new, OEM and generic accessories & parts of all types of devices. Our virtually endless product...

SIM Cards

We carry all types SIM cards for major carriers and Mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs).

ISO Certification

In Process…..

Delta Enterprise Return Policy

Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) allows customers to return defective phones under warranty to Delta Enterprise.